Feel like you are back at work — without the shi**y boss.

It's been a year and a half of working from home for most of us, and it's natural to feel like a cow — eating, ‘doing the deed’ and sleeping in the same space. The office wasn’t ‘all work no play’, it was a chance to work with like-minded folks, chit-chat with work pals in breakout areas and Diwali parties with free jalebis!

If the dreamy ideas of work-from-home are waning off amidst a thousand distractions at home, or the ‘stuck at home’ rut, it's always a good idea to drop by your nearest swanky (yet cheap) open-plan co-working space, book a hot-desk (non-reserved seat) and get some real work done!

In case you wonder, a co-working space is a shared office space that people who may not be from the same company work out of. Most good co-working spaces in top Indian cities have ‘hot desks’, reserved seats & private office spaces.

Why a co-working space, you ask?

Well, high-speed WiFi, free office stationery, bright meeting rooms with all the bells & whistles, discounted food & beverages, power backup, parking facilities and the list goes on. The best part though is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs unlike traditional office spaces, simply pay as you go, and you’re sorted!

Deal Dada was created in one such Innov8 co-working space on Golf Course Road in Gurugram. Who knows, you might also find some sort of ‘calling’ among these hustlers!

A truly good co-working is one that looks & feels premium (read ‘expensive’), but isn’t. Or at least it looks & feel more expensive than it is — it must be bright, lively & have good vibes.

Now there are two ways of going about this — the Deal Noob way, and the Deal Dada way. Let’s mull over both options, shall we?

The regular way is you pay Rs. 500 for a WeWork Day Pass, or be a deal noob and get the 5 Day Pass for Rs. 2,250 (Rs. 250 off), or the 10 Day Pass at Rs. 4500 (Rs. 450 off).

In case you aren’t aware, WeWork is the goliath in the global co-working world, with offices around the world. Their offices are swanky, have top-of-the-line amenities, and make you feel like a million bucks.

The other way is the #DealDada way.

Introducing myHQ’s Flexi Pass, a god-send for freelancers, entrepreneurs & corporate workers stuck in a WFH rut. F*ck monthly commitments — you pay for a workspace when and where you need one, and enjoy high-speed WiFi, FREE printer access, power backup, FREE office stationery, FREE beverages, discounts on food & drinks, etc.

What's more, these good folks offer a FREE trial for a day— so you can recce your nearest swanky co-working or work cafe from 160+ locations across 20 Indian cities before you pick one. Yes, if you want to sit in a cosy cafe on one day, and hop into a co-working space on another, and keep discovering new locations every day, you can do it.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you can even save up to INR 1.95L with myHQ’s crazy member benefits. These people can get you deals on everything from cloud computing to HR services to legal help from top brands like Amazon Web Services, Razorpay, Cleartax, Zoomcar, BigBasket, Ixigo, and Dineout among others.

All this for a meagre Rs. 200 a day! If you buy a 20 visit plan for Rs. 4499, you’ll get Rs. 4K worth FREE credits that you can also be redeemed on food & beverage orders at any of these cafes/co-working spaces, or use these credits to keep booking daily visits. Pack a lunch from home, and you already have 20 visits for Rs. 4499 (i.e. Rs. 224 per visit).

What if I tell you we can make it an even sweeter deal? Download the myHQ App, and use Deal Dada’s exclusive coupon codeSAIKAPINO’ for Rs.500 off, 3 FREE VISITS & 600 FREE Credits when you buy a 20 Visits Pack from myHQ.

myHQ Coworking Space | My Office, My Way
myHQ provides affordable, hyperlocal and flexible office space solutions for businessses and individuals. Choose between pay-per-use plans or fixed desks

Now you got 20  Visits+3 FREE Visits for Rs. 3999. That’s Rs. 175 per visit .

You’re welcome.