Drop your average Swiggy order value to as low as Rs. 62!

Living alone is difficult — especially for youngsters who can’t find time to cook while juggling work pressure, a social life, and the puzzle that’s the income tax. Thankfully, Swiggy & Zomato are to the rescue!

However, ordering in every other day can be a damn expensive affair!

This realization often comes home by the end of the month. What if I told you there’s a way for you to order food every alternate day without burning a hole in your pocket? With this patented #DealDada technique, you can now have much better meals irrespective of your cook’s mood swings, or your tiffin service’s lame meal plans.

To understand how this works, we need two weapons in DealDada’s arsenal — Swiggy Super & 60% OFF Coupon Codes. Combine these in perfect doses and you have the alchemy of incredible meals at incredible prices.

In case you’re a deal noob, Swiggy Super is a subscription service that gives you access to exclusive offers & free deliveries every time you order some grub. Swiggy claims that nearly 37 Lakh+ Swiggy Super users have saved a whopping Rs 580 Cr to date — and we want to get ourselves a piece of that sweet sweet pie.

Swiggy Super 1 Month Vs 3 Month Plans:

As long as you order food at least thrice a month, trust Deal Dada and get yourself a Swiggy Super plan NOW! Before we move onto coupon codes and the all-important technique, remember savings come at a cost. This maneuver can save you from your PG’s horrible maa ki daal or lauki kofta, but we must also be realistic, and not expect fine dining meals at Rs. 65 courtesy Deal Dada. Onto coupon codes!

Every time you log onto Swiggy with the Swiggy app, you’ll see a panel of coupon codes. The codes keep changing, but there’s always something at 60% OFF — that’s your playground. Sort this list from LOW to HIGH, and remember to keep the order amount to above Rs. 149, but below Rs. 160. That’s how you land the sweet spot.

Always bookmark restaurants within your budget, and stick to ordering from them. Once Swiggy gets the hang of it, these will appear in the ‘Restaurants You Love’ tab — so you don’t have to look for them every time.

This technique can snowball into some mind-boggling savings for you!

Spend a couple of minutes on this, and you can save as much as Rs. 3500 every month, or as high as Rs. 10,850 every quarter ordering food. Do something productive with that cash — invest in mutual funds, buy health insurance or get something nice for your mom.

Deal Dada Life Advice: Please switch this ‘deal hunter’ mode off when it comes to your parents, siblings or better half. The pandemic has reminded all of us that fleeting moments of joy such as a lavish meal shared in the company of loved ones like family & friends is a truly priceless experience.

You may say this isn't being a deal hunter — it's just skimping on your food choices to save a bit of cash. Well, that extra hundred rupees you would have paid for a similar meal can take you places. If you don’t believe it, keep watching this space for more insights & updates on the biggest bargains in town.

Deal Dada’s PRO Tip: To squeeze the last drop of savings out of every Swiggy order, get yourself the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. I hate to sound like the pesky salesman at the mall hawking you credit cards, but as long as you are sensible with your money, this baby can get you 4% cashback on every freakin’ Swiggy order. That means, when you pay Rs. 65 for a meal using this card, you only pay Rs. 62 — doesn’t seem like a lot? That’s one free meal every month.

This technique has been perfected with rigorous A/B testing over 7 years. If you find it useful, follow DealDada on Instagram, subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter, and help us wage a war on high prices!